How can hotels, leisure parks and cruise lines inspire guests to return? Will consumers be tempted by the promise of new activities and enhanced experiences? Greenspan Projects certainly think so. We talked to Jesse Long, Business Development Manager, about how hospitality and leisure venues intend to increase dwell time, the newest trend in attractions, and why now is the right time for Greenspan Projects to join the cruise supply chain.

Greenspan Projects specialise in turnkey solutions – as their strapline claims, they are creators of ‘inspirational leisure activities’. They create golf courses, climbing walls, family-inclusive play areas, and theming for clients such as the Marriott Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, European holiday village network Centre Parcs, and UK theme park consortium Merlin Entertainments. With such a widespread client base, they have a broad perspective on how hospitality companies are strategizing for the return of their guests.

‘We’re definitely experiencing a huge demand in leisure activities, especially outdoors. People are trying to capitalise on previously under-utilized areas, or they’re realising that people want to get back out there. We’re finding that people are really investing heavily, trying to get the momentum going and get people out there to have lots of fun.’

Jesse Long, Business Development Manager, Greenspan Projects

Competitive Socialising

In fact, Greenspan Projects have noticed that this desire from consumers to have fun – and the desire from companies to facilitate it – has led to the development of new trends. Jesse identified one key trend as something Greenspan Projects call ‘competitive socialising’. Competitive socialising is based around food and beverage locations. Bars, restaurants and other spaces are installing activities for consumers to enjoy alongside their food and drink. For customers, it’s another reason to go to these F&B locations, and for bars and restaurants, it’s a great way to capitalise on their captive audience.

This trend is something that Greenspan Projects would love to bring to the cruise lines. Jesse said,

‘We think it’s great for their captive audience. During the day it can be family friendly and later on in the evening it can be more for adults. Competitive socialising is a great way to earn extra money from F&B but also it’s another reason for people to go. We’re doing a lot of different venues – different types, different themes, different styles. And that can be indoor and outdoor. If you can have a drink or some food, and have a laugh, it’s a great way to give your captive audience something new.’

It’s new ideas like this, Greenspan Projects hopes, that they can offer to the cruise lines. As Jesse told us, Greenspan Projects don’t offer anything ‘off the shelf’. Every project is created bespoke for their client. And, with their team of design, technical and installation specialists, they can design and build everything from scratch. ‘We know some of this is already there but we feel that as a new partner we can come up with some fresh ideas and bring some new creativity and innovations.’

Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf in Bournemouth

Ready for the Cruise Industry

The move to cruise isn’t something Greenspan Projects takes lightly. They’ve consulted with cruise experts who have guided them on the road to getting the right certifications. Their in-house team also has cruise design experience. Meanwhile, with their experience with theme parks, Greenspan Projects are already experts in creating experiences that feel fresh and generate revenue for captive audiences. Jesse promises the cruise lines, ‘We can help you generate more revenue with the activities that we recommend or introduce to you – that’s what we’re good at. We feel that with our expertise, our inhouse technical expertise and technical design expertise in compliance and regulations, and some of the industry experts that we’re partnering with from the cruise lines, we can really help generate some unique experiences for you.’

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