6 -7 June 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

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The CSI Conference is brought to you by our official Conference Partner Passenger Ship Interior & Refurbishment Review and our Conference Sponsor NEWH.

Day 1


Show Opens


Workshop – Marine Design 101

Suppliers who are looking to partner with cruise lines need to know how their products align with specific marine requirements laid down by IMO and SOLAS. Understanding the rules and regulations when it comes to regulations, approvals, certifications etc. can be complex.

This workshop will walk attendees through what’s required from the process in order to get ahead of the game.

  • Testing requirements and conditions for IMO certification
  • MED: Marine European Directive
  • What’s been the impact of Brexit on rules for the UK?
  • Understanding the context of the space
  • Guidance for requirements for specific materials
  • Recyclability

Located on the SMC Design Booth – No. 1065


Graeme Hyde
Business Development Manager – Renewals and Type Approvals | Lloyd’s Register
andy yuill
Andy Yuill
Managing Director | SMC Design

Opening Remarks

Chairman of the CSI Advisory Board George Scammell opens the Cruise Conversations Live theater with his opening remarks and what you can expect from CSI 2022.


George Scammell headshot
George Scammell, ASID, IIDA
Director, Interior Design | Princess Cruises

Conference Keynote – Leaders’ Debate

Leaders in cruise interiors share their thoughts on the current challenges and opportunities across both the newbuild portfolio and refurbishment projects, incorporating all sizes and budgets. Highlighting new materials, new innovations, and in some instances new ways of working which are here to stay, our distinguished cruise interiors leaders will explore:

  • What is the outlook for future interiors projects and market conditions?
  • Setting and adjusting budgets – Are we witnessing a greater focus on repair and restoration?
  • What is the impact of supply chain and logistics issues, plus shipping, energy & production costs?
  • What are the new ways of working which have had a positive impact?
  • Understanding the trends in the smaller ship niche
  • What does the future of sustainability in operations look like?
  • What’s the future for dining post pandemic?
  • Spotlight on new and innovative materials
  • What’s the future for specialist materials e.g. antimicrobial?
  • How can designers help the industry to attract new cruisers?


Lawrence Rapp
Principal Consultant, Cruise Line Newbuilding and Operations | Seawise Consulting Group


Trevor Young headshot
Trevor Young
Vice President of Newbuilding | MSC Cruises
Thomas Westergaard headshot
Thomas Westergaard
Vice President | Hurtigruten Expeditions
Sascha Lang headshot
Sascha Lang
Vice President, Architectural & Design – Newbuild & Innovation | Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
George Scammell headshot
George Scammell, ASID, IIDA
Director, Interior Design | Princess Cruises

Lunch & Exhibition Visit


Conference Session – What Makes Great Design Great?

Great design is both beautiful and functional. Accomplished designers know how to draw their audience in; invoking an emotional connection in their guests as they respond to their environment. It’s the experience of design which creates lasting impressions. In a visual-rich session, our panel of distinguished experts and designers will share some of their inspirations, highlighting:

  • Glorious examples of great design
  • The design journey from the inception of initial concepts through to realizing the design intent
  • Inspirational lighting designs which will deliver impact
  • Where designers can add value
  • How can ROI areas be improved through design
  • How designers can inspire people to want to cruise?
  • New tech, new materials and new suppliers
  • Designing to a budget


Lauren Somers Pelusio
Vice President of Design | Richloom Contract


Trond Sigurdsen
Chairman | YSA Design
Javier Calle
Founding Partner | Studio DADO
andy yuill
Andy Yuill
Managing Director | SMC Design

Exhibition Closes


Happy Hour Drinks Reception

Join us and our exhibitors as we celebrate the end of Day One of Cruise Ship Interiors America with a Happy Hour drinks reception perfect to carry on those conversations you’ve had throughout the day.

Day 2


Doors Open


Workshop – Materials Circularity in Cruise Interiors

Recycling, re-purposing and re-using materials is important for minimizing waste. This workshop looks at the principles, challenges and direction of travel for circular design in cruise interiors. It explores what it takes to design a truly circular product from the outset and examines some exemplar materials which are successfully transformed into a second lifecycle. It also discusses the infrastructure requirements if economies of scale are to be achieved – making the business case stronger for sustainable practices.

  • Eco-design of products for circularity: Designing for end of use and end of life
  • Building an ecosystem of partners: Collaborating with and unifying stakeholders
  • Balancing virgin quality and recycled materials
  • Extended producer responsibility schemes
  • What are the infrastructure requirements which will support consolidating volumes?

Located on the Steen Friis Design Booth – No. 787


Tolù Adeko
Founder & Creative Director | Adeko & Co
Bente Medelbye Hansen
Design Director | Steen Friis Design
Lone Ditmer
Marketing Manager & Sustainable Business Development | Dansk Wilton

Conference Keynote – Addressing Project Delivery Challenges

Refurbishment projects have been impacted by the world-wide pressures on availability of raw materials, and distribution constraints. With projects to execute, cruise owners are frustrated at the lack of choice due to unavailability of products, and are looking at much extended lead times for delivery. Where lead times do not match project itineraries, refurbs are being scaled back.

It takes confidence and courage to ramp up production to ‘fill the shelves’ ahead of orders. But without the conviction to produce products for buyers to buy – the refurbishment market is facing serious challenges and putting projects at risk. And opportunities are lost.

This session aims to raise awareness of the challenges which uniquely face each of the stakeholders – today – in large refurbishment projects. This is a conversation which has direct relevance to every single player in the project team and across the supply chain – from the owners and designers right through to the suppliers and contractors onsite.

Shining a spotlight on current projects pinch points, our multi-disciplinary panel of respected experts will demonstrate how each party can contribute to flexible, collaborative solutions. This is about building a pragmatic approach to the current landscape; building in flexibility; developing best practice across project teams; and building partnerships which support the industry as a whole to move forwards together.

Attend this session to deepen your understanding and appreciation of:

  • What needs to happen for each party to make its best contribution?
  • How can we as project teams spanning various disciplines and various cogs in the supply chain – how can we improve on project outputs?
  • Thinking out of the box – Project delivery which flexes with unknowns
  • Where delving into the past can help us sketch a prosperous future for all parties
  • A broad awareness of the issues from a myriad of different perspectives


Stephen Fryers headshot
Stephen Fryers
Project Manager and Cruise Line Consultant | STF Project Management Marine Specialists


Michele Masini
Director Refit Business Unit | De Wave Group
John Paul Brigneti
Founder & Principal | JPB Global Trade Solutions
Jason Dodd
Multi-line FF&E Representative | Jason Dodd and Associates
Helena Sawelin headshot
Helena Sawelin
Partner and Business Director | Tillberg Design of Sweden

Lunch & Exhibition Visit


Workshop – Is it Intrinsically Green? Utilising Certifications to Demonstrate Green Credentials

There are so many possibilities for suppliers to get and promote green credentials, but they all cover different criteria, and for both suppliers and buyers, it can be confusing and overwhelming to amass all the background information in order to make informed and sustainable design choices.

In this session, our experts cut through the overwhelm and simplify the approach to establish:

  • How can certifications be utilized to demonstrate green credentials in a succinct clear way?
  • How can designers, specifiers and product manufacturers use green credentials to speak a common language?
  • What are the factors which suppliers and specifiers need to take into account when deciding on which certifications to work with/to stipulate?

Located in the CSI Plus Lounge, sponsored by YSA Design


antonio prestigiacomo
Capt. Antonio Prestigiacomo
Business Development Director – Head of Maritime Academy, Region Americas | DNV
Trond Sigurdsen
Chairman | YSA Design

Sustainability Keynote Session – Designing to Last

The lifespan of a cruise interiors space is currently determined by the vessel’s drydock program.

Designing to Last looks beyond these parameters and asks – what if cruise interiors were design to last beyond the next refurbishment window? What would it take to design for the longer term at the outset, and to simply retouch, repair and refresh when in drydock? What environmental wins could be achieved if refurbishment projects aimed to discard substantially less material?

This session explores:

  • Leadership – What will it take to design for the longer term?
  • Designing for brand alignment – Minimizing alterations during refurbishment stage, and maximizing the opportunities for refreshing and revitalizing instead
  • What are the brands mandating?
  • Which materials lend themselves to durability, cleanability and maintainability?
  • Ensuring products are repairable
  • What are the broader considerations for designers to take into account when it comes to future proofing?


Greg Walton headshot
Greg Walton
CEO & Founding Partner | Studio DADO


Joanna Gonzalez-Guerra
AVP, Architectural Design, Newbuild & Innovation | Royal Caribbean Group
Petra Ryberg headshot
Petra Ryberg
Principal Designer & Owner | Studio Berg+ and former Head of Design | P&O Australia
My Nguyen headshot
My Nguyen
Director Interior Design | Holland America Group
Dee Cooper headshot
Dee Cooper
Senior Vice President of Design & Customer Experience | Virgin Voyages

Closing Remarks

As we bring the curtain down on another two fantastic days at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America, chairman of the Advisory Board, George Scammell delivers his closing remarks for this year’s show.


George Scammell headshot
George Scammell, ASID, IIDA
Director, Interior Design | Princess Cruises

Exhibition Closes