Like many suppliers this year, Cane-line created a stunning new collection – only for no one to be able to see it.

Due to the pandemic, exhibitions were cancelled. That meant that they couldn’t showcase their 2021 wares in the way they were accustomed to. Not only that, but they were experiencing limitations on their own movements. Their sales representatives couldn’t travel out and no one could visit them.

Cane-line needed to think outside the box. Their solution? A virtual showroom.

A corner of Cane-line’s virtual showroom, showcasing outdoor furniture for cruise

Cane-line can now visit their customers anywhere in the world. They’ve created a showroom that’s interactive – so their customers can tailor the experience to their own needs. Whether that’s indoor or outdoor furniture, clients can see the products they want from the comfort of their office – or home office – chairs.

You can drop by their new 2021 collection on their virtual show room. The collection is deeply inspired by nature and people’s longing to be close to the natural world. They’ve picked materials with a natural feel, such as wooden furniture or materials with a rattan look. The designs speak to nature through their organic form and colours inspired by nature. The result is relaxed luxury, designed to feel spacious.

Stroll around the showroom. Every item is interactive; simply click on an item that’s caught your eye to learn it’s name, code and material. Cane-line are constantly focusing on quality, innovative technologies and comfort in both products and life to ensure that our furniture is made with the greatest care for the environment and the well-being of people.