Multipurpose furniture

Morbid Line is a world-leading supplier specializing in the design and production of IMO certified outdoor/indoor furniture, leather, fabric, eco pelle, and foam for the cruise and hospitality industry, for new and refurbishment projects, based on the architects, contractors, and designers requests.

With their experienced team, 40 years of professional artistry, and 4.000 square covered meters factory, all furniture pieces are designed and produced in-house, and prototypes are refined and reviewed, up to final approval. Morbid Line is proud to make our clients visions, a reality.


One of Morbid Line’s world-leading clients was seeking to increase the cabin capacity within their ships in order to maximize revenue. After several discussions and consulting with Morbid  Line, it was determined that the best way to proceed would be by using multipurpose furniture including sofa beds and bunk beds, as these types of furniture would not need to be built into the ship.


Upon further consultation with Morbid Line, the client provided cabin floor plans and dimensions for the space, after which Morbid Line’s production team immediately got to work on a mock-up of the bunk beds in their production facility in Padova, Italy. The client’s team visited the facility to inspect the mock-up. During the inspection, they determined that the mock-up, quality of build, price point, and production and delivery time would fully solve their issue. At that point, client placed an order for more than 200 units and Morbid Line received requests from 2 additional cruise lines.