Join us on 12th May 2020, at 1pm EST (6pm GMT) for Episode Two of Cruise Conversations, which will explore how suppliers can ensure they get specified. We’ll learn from major cruise execs how the cruise lines choose suppliers, what the routes to market are, and the key things that cruise lines look for in suppliers.


  • George Scammell – Director, Interior Design & Operations, Holland America Group, Princess Cruises
  • Antonio di Nenno – Architect Director, MSC Cruises
  • David McCarthy – Marine Development Director, AD Associates

Session Points

  • Breaking in/Getting through the door – how do I penetrate this market as a new supplier? As an existing supplier, how can I ensure I get re-selected by the cruise lines?
  • Navigating the seas – how do the cruise lines find suppliers? What is the current process for sourcing products? What is the common route to market?
  • Making the choice – what do the cruise lines like in a supplier? How do they like to work with suppliers?
  • Industry Specifics – what do cruise lines look for in a flooring provider? In a textiles supplier? In a furniture designer? What are the considerations from a design perspective?
  • Planning ahead – how can suppliers future-proof their products and services? What trends are here to stay?
  • Retaining business – how do the cruise lines like to work? How can you make sure you’ll be specified again?

If you missed Ep.1 of Cruise Conversations, COVID-19: Putting a Positive Spin on the Elephant in the Room, you missed out! Catch up on the conversation here!