As part of our newly announced Cruise Conversations webinar series, every other Tuesday we’ll be hosting an informal conversation with a big name in the Cruise Ship Interiors or Cruise Ship Hospitality community, asking them for their advice to suppliers, their likes and dislikes, and what they’d like to see in the future of the cruise industry. The first iteration of Cruiseday Tuesday is with Petra Ryberg, Head of Design at P&O Australia, and Cruise Ship Interiors Advisory Board member.

Cruiseday Tuesday will be premiering episodes on YouTube – Cruiseday Tuesday with… Petra Ryberg premieres on 28th April 2020 at 1pm EST (6pm GMT).

Petra Ryberg – Head of Design, P&O Australia

Petra began her career by studying interior design in Sweden from 2010-2012. During her studies, Petra was awarded her first internship at Wilson Associates, Dallas, before being transferred to New York, where she assisted on hospitality projects for large hotels and restaurants. Immediately after finishing her degree in interior design, Petra landed a job with Hirsch Bedner Associates in London, where she spent most of her time working on a project for Ritz Carlton in Tunisia. After her time in London, Petra returned to Sweden, where she joined Tillberg Design of Sweden and started designing cruise ships for a variety of brands. From 2016, Petra has worked as Head of Design at P&O Australia, taking care of all designs for the P&O fleet in Australia.

Session points

Design – Petra’s favourite modern designs, what she wants to see from suppliers, and more

Working as a designer from home – where Petra has been finding inspiration, her advice for designers creating products and solutions for the cruise industry, and more

Advice to suppliers – what are the biggest innovations Petra has seen from suppliers right now, and what does Petra see in the future of the cruise industry?

Join us on Tuesday 28th April 2020 at 1pm EST (6pm GMT) for Cruiseday Tuesday with… Petra Ryberg.