Following an evening of networking and celebrating at the Opening Party, Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas 2022 got off to a great start! But before CSI officially opened its doors, delegates joined us bright and early for a CSI first, the Speed Networking Breakfast. This event was held in the Networking Lounge and sponsored by JOI-Design. This exciting breakfast event paired cruise ship executives with IMO certified suppliers for a fast-paced series of introductions over coffee and pastries.

Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas 2022 opens its doors!

Then, at 10:00, visitors and exhibitors gathered to eagerly await the Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas 2022 official opening ceremony. After a few words from Elite Exhibitions CEO Toby Walters and a ribbon cutting ceremony, the doors to CSI 2022 officially opened!

CSI 2022 opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony

Delegates took to the show floor, where over 300 cutting edge exhibitors were on display. Studio DADO featured a delicious, candy-pink ice cream van, while Dauerflora featured an eye-catching giant flower vase.

Over at SMC’s Design’s booth, cruise industry suppliers gathered for the first workshop, Marine Design 101. Brand new to CSI, the workshops are designed for attendees looking to supply to the cruise industry. They will be covering topics from certifications to understanding cruise line’s needs. In the first workshop, Andy Yuill (SMC Design) and Graeme Hyde (Lloyd’s Register) walked delegates through the process of understanding and applying for IMO and SOLAS certifications, understanding the context of interior spaces, approaching requirements for specific materials, and the importance of recyclability. The workshop then ended with a Q&A session, where Andy and Graeme answered attendees’ most pressing questions.

This year, the emphasis was on good communication and a deep understanding of client needs. Andy Yuill responded to the question, ‘Is there a process for suppliers to get into the SMC library?’:

“The process is that we have an understanding with suppliers who target areas SMC are looking for. We are always looking to update our library.”

Andy Yuill, SMC Design

An industry leading conference

Cruise Conversations Live, CSI’s leading conference, also opened today. Cruise Conversations Live America is brought to you by our official Conference Partner Passenger Ship Interior & Refurbishment Review and our Conference Sponsor NEWH. At 11:15, CSI Advisory Board chairman George Scammell (Holland America Group), set off the two day conference with his opening remarks where he touched on the importance of in person events such as CSI for keeping the industry connected in a post pandemic world, where we continue to work virtually. He also encouraged all delegates to attend the conference and workshop sessions hosted by CSI. Next, George welcomed Cindy Guthrie, who then handed out the NEWH scholarship, courtesy of CSI. In her speech, scholarship recipient, Lauren Miller, thanked NEWH, Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas, and Elite Exhibitions for this opportunity.

Conference Keynote – Leaders’ Debate

Soon after, the conference began with the first keynote, the Leader’s Debate. Here, moderator Lawrence Rapp (Seawise Consulting Group) joined speakers representing Holland America Group, MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Hurtigruten Expeditions to discuss the current challenges and opportunities facing the cruise interiors industry. Hundreds gathered to hear insights on current market conditions, the future of sustainability in operations, and what cruise lines look for in suppliers.

“For new people to get into the ‘club’, there’s a few barriers. There’s no rule book out there. This, Cruise Ship Interiors, is the perfect path to finding out more and learning how to get into the industry. I want to see more. I don’t want to see the same old stuff, I want to be excited by new ideas and technology.”

Trevor Young, MSC Cruises
Industry leaders covered a variety of topics ranging from sustainability to current market conditions in the Leader’s Debate

During this keynote, the speakers discussed the pressures and struggles that the supply chain crisis has caused. However, they also explored the new opportunities and relationships with suppliers that it has opened up. Scammell also shared his experience of finding positives among the pressures of getting the right products for short turnaround projects.

“We were looking at running out of yardage. We had to get on the phone and call, and the good thing about that is that it opened us up to a lot of new suppliers who we hadn’t worked with.”

George Scammell, Holland America Group

Conference Session – What Makes Great Design Great

The second conference session of the day saw designers unite to explore the most important aspects of cruise design. There are many considerations, from marrying functionality with aesthetics to invoking an emotional connection with guests. Attendees came away from this visually stunning session inspired by illuminating examples of great design and top tips straight from the mouths of leading designers on ways to take their designs to the next level.

“There should always be a playful part of good design – you should be excited, you should see the wow and you should understand the narrative.”

Trond Sigurdsen, YSA Design

11 exciting new product launches

Throughout day one of CSI, 11 exhibitors showcased their innovation as part of the product launch route. There was even a presentation taking place during the afternoon at CSI sponsor Welbilt’s booth. Delegates gathered for the launch of Welbilt’s new brand Kitchen Connect. This innovative new brand will set a new standard in remote access and cloud monitoring.

Created in collaboration with Microsoft, this innovative new technology will support the industry in reducing food waste and allowing better control and monitoring of culinary operations. With Kitchen Connect, cruise lines can identify and solve problems from HQ when the galley kitchen goes awry. Additionally, Kitchen Connect provides its users with the information to predict what needs to be maintained. As a result, users can book a single maintenance visit to fix multiple issues, rather than one. Welbilt also announced that people wanting to learn more about Kitchen Connect can book an in depth tour slot tomorrow.

The perfect end to the day

Then, after a busy day of conference sessions, product launches and meeting exhibitors, guests were able to kick back and relax at the Happy Hour. This was sponsored by Welbilt, YSA Design, Trimline and Lasvit. Visitors, exhibitors and speakers all united in the show hall to unwind with complimentary drinks.

What a day! Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas day one was not one to miss, boasting exciting new product launches, leading conferences, an immersive workshop, and various networking opportunities. We look forward to reuniting for day two of CSI, which is themed around sustainability in the cruise industry. Tune in for our day two highlights on the CSI blog tomorrow!

Refresh your knowledge, source suppliers for your next project, and connect with representatives from world-leading cruise lines at Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas. Find out all about the next event here.