Last week we covered some of the best cruise ships designed with a theme in mind – that included a Venetian Palace, 1920’s Paris, and New Orleans’ French Quarter. Today we’re looking at some restaurants created with a particular design ideal. Check out Remy, Ristorante Rialto, and the Test Kitchen below…

Disney Cruise Line – Remy

Remy can be found on board Disney’s Dream and Fantasy ships. Named after and inspired by the rat chef in the Disney film Ratatouille, Remy is a first-class restaurant similar to that in the film, ‘steeped in the rich legacy of epicurean excellence.’ Presiding over the restaurants French-inspired menu is 3-Michelin-starred chef Arnaud Lallement. Making the gourmet selections is Chef Scott Hunnel, from the award-winning Victoria & Albert’s at Walt Disney World Resort.

The Remy restaurant, named after the Ratatouille character, with top-deck sea views

Disney Cruise Line say that dining at Remy’s is like ‘being transported to an authentic fine-dining restaurant in the City of Lights.’ Designed in the art nouveau style popularised in Paris in the late-1800s, the restaurant features floral and leaf textiles, particularly in the flooring, in deep red, green, and gold tones. In the private Gusteau room, Disney say the décor is Ratatouille-inspired with red chairs and drapes, chandeliers, and scenes of Paris.

There are also apparently artful references to the main character from the film throughout the restaurants design, but I’m not enough of a mega-fan to find them!

What will Remy’s look like with health and safety restrictions in place? Find out in our whitepaper, The Future of Cruise Dining.

Uniworld – Ristorante Rialto

Uniworld’s River Countess recently underwent the transformation into SS La Venezia, inspired by early 20th-century Venice. Take a closer look at some of the public areas on Venezia in our other ‘Themes’ piece. One of the key elements in creating the palatial Venetian feel was the textiles created by Italian brand Fortuny.

For Ristorante Rialto, the design team took inspiration from the interiors of the classic train the Orient Express, of Agatha Christie fame. With intricately etched panels in the art nouveau style, leather furniture, and a booth-style seating layout, the restaurant certainly brings to mind a classic 1920s train.

Virgin Voyages – Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen, one of 20 eateries on Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady, is an experimental restaurant, combining a cooking school format with an ever-evolving menu to create an onboard culinary laboratory. Inspired by one of the most influential cookbooks of all time, Auguste Escoffier’s Ma Cuisine, the restaurant has a clinical feel to it. This is created by the pale green seating and table tops, brushed aluminium, and bar-style setup.

But what will these restaurants look like in the near future? With cruise lines tentatively toeing the waters, eager to get passengers back on board, restrictions are required to ensure the health and safety of those onboard. Will these restrictions alter the layouts, service, or atmosphere of cruise restaurants? Find out in our whitepaper, The Future of Cruise Dining.

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