6 -7 June 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Designing For Passenger Flow

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Passenger flow plays an important part in the overall guest experience and delivery of the brand story. Designers need to ensure seamless flow, while ensuring that the customer experience is enhanced. On board, real estate is at a premium. This session examines the key considerations and tools for interior designers when assisting passenger orientation and optimising passenger flow.

  • Developing spaces that deliver on the high levels of expectation set by the cruise line (and commercial requirements)
  • Onboard design: utilising all the senses
  • How can design intuitively guide passengers to the right location using a variety of materials, light, graphics and technology?
  • The importance of lobby design, wayfinding design, use of anchor areas, and how the program is distributed on the cruise ship
  • Operational programme – impact of timings when theatres audiences exit
  • Horizontal flow verses vertical flow: how to combine both in order to create a circulation instead of destinations
  • Connection and flow between indoor and outdoor areas
  • Lift/stair trunks: distance between each vertical connection
  • Pax cabin corridors, how the design can improve the experience for passenger

Session Speakers

Andreas Krenzen

General Manager Cruise, Shores Group

Jutta Sellin

Project Manager & People Flow Consultant, KONE

Ann Bada Crema

CEO, Launch By Design

Marco De Jorio

President, CEO and Interior Design Head, De Jorio Design International

Elizabeth Overland

Senior Interior Operations Specialist, Holland America

antonio di nenno

Antonio Di Nenno

Architect Director, MSC Cruises