When the capability to reproduce large-scale fine art on wallcoverings didn’t exist, FrameWorks’ Co-Founder Claire Lardner believed a solution was possible. Her Co-Founder and Partner Cris Sweeny agreed.

“After 30 years serving the art and framing needs of the hospitality industry, we are aware that our clients want our fresh eyes. As the scope and scale of projects in hospitality continue to grow, our clients look to us for our innovative approach and our relentless pursuit of excellence.”

Knowing there was a market opportunity to bring IMO-certified wallcovering in large-scale format into the FrameWorks’ creative scope, Lardner began having conversations with her vendor colleagues. At the Boutique Design New York tradeshow in 2018, she connected with a vendor and manufacturing company in Japan who had IMO-certified materials and was one of the few facilities in the world producing the IMO wallcovering. Over the next three years, FrameWorks led the iterations of making the backing of the wallpaper thinner to pass through their printers. FrameWorks invested in sample rolls and continued working on the innovation, knowing a project would come that required the product.

That day came when Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Art Director Sarah Hall called about the Prima art portfolio. Having worked with Hall on smaller projects over the past decade, Sweeny and Lardner were excited and challenged by the ship’s scope and volume of artwork. With a 33-person team and 20,000 square feet of production space, FrameWorks had the capacity to say an enthusiastic “yes!” and introduce their wallcovering project concept.

Lead architectural designer for Prima, Miami-based Studio DADO, designed a full art headboard wall for the vessel’s staterooms. International artist Amy Rader was selected by Hall to create original artwork for the headboards. FrameWorks reproduced the fine art using the revamped wallcovering, creating a superior aesthetic in high volume.

Frameworks created original artwork for Norwegian Cruise Line Prima’s stateroom headboards, designed by Studio Dado

Investing further into the project, FrameWorks purchased large twin calibrated, roll printers to fulfill the headboard order. Sweeny understood that controlling every cog in the production wheel would lead to designer and client satisfaction. Rather than rely on their single printer, she managed quality and volume by making the equipment purchase prior to manufacturing.

An unseen challenge at the project onset was global supply chain disruptions. With agility, Sweeny shifted away from vendors who were struggling with demand and ports and pivoted into manufacturing her own raw materials. With access to a supply chain not afforded to all, she contracted directly with a manufacturer in Brazil. This direct access allowed FrameWorks to fulfill the Prima order on-time and without sacrificing quality.

Frameworks sponsored and exhibited at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America 2022.