Marine lighting by Chelsom

Chelsom is a 70-year-old company with vast experience in the cruise ship sector. Their knowledge of and close relationship with the industry’s specialist interior design practices, shipyards and operators gives them the closest possible understanding of what the industry needs. Chelsom’s own in-house marine specialists in product design, manufacture, and installation ensure they meet those needs. Chelsom is proud to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine lighting today. Here’s how they offer marine expertise across the board…

Marine Expertise

Sailing the world’s oceans on one of today’s state of the art cruise ships is just as luxurious and flamboyant as it would have been on one of the great liners from a hundred years ago. The boundaries of marine interior design are constantly being expanded by the world’s top design practices and the scope of things to do onboard surpasses most land-based hotels and resorts. It’s no wonder the whole cruise industry is booming with millions of satisfied passengers returning year after year. However, in terms of decorative products, which contribute to such amazing interiors, there could hardly be a harsher environment with its pitching seas, salt air, and constant motion. It takes a certain kind of design, a certain range of skills, an amount of specialist technical knowledge and a lot of commitment to successfully service such a demanding industry.

The boundaries of marine interior design are constantly being expanded by the world’s top design practices and the scope of things to do on board surpasses most land-based hotels and resorts.

Product Design

The interior designers who create the spectacular interiors of today’s ships are real specialists in their field. They have an overall brief to be extravagant, breathtaking, original and awe-inspiring and in the case of public areas they can work on a massive scale within the huge spaces which can sometimes transcend three or four decks. Subtle and understated are rarely the design watchwords so there is often the need for sparkle, drama, and statement. The product designer must embrace these interior concepts and interpret them so that they function perfectly within the marine environment. Nothing must be allowed to sway about in rough seas, components must not vibrate, everything must be bolted down so it never falls over, weight restrictions must be considered and installation or maintenance must be as simple as possible. For cabins, space is often a driving feature so scaling down individual components while still maintaining perfect ambient light levels is important. Switching and dimming options are also usually essential.


As a specialist marine lighting supplier, Chelsom respects its role as just one of the huge teams of contractors ensuring that a cruise ship has stunning interiors with products that function perfectly over a long period in a challenging environment. Chelsom’s teamwork extends to collaborating with interior designers, lighting designers, shipyards, outfitters and cruise operators all around the world. Whereas a hotel remains in one place, there is a specific date on which a ship sets sail and everybody in the team must focus wholly on that date.


Some of the manufacturing and structural technicalities of marine lighting are testing, to say the least, but lighting technology itself plays an ever-increasing role in cruise interiors. Energy-saving light sources are of course mandatory but colour rendering, colour-changing, easily controlled dimming, and remote switching are all increasingly important and indeed successful. Mostly it’s about creating the most luxurious and inviting ambience but it’s also about ease of lighting control and ease of maintenance. Chelsom works as part of a team of marine experts to bring all the lighting requirements to fruition.


There can be literally thousands of contractors on a ship at any one time when it is in build. Every one of them is working diligently to complete their own task while cooperating with all those around them so nothing gets in the way or delays another part of the process. Chelsom has its own specialist and qualified marine installation team who will be on board at the right time to take delivery of the lighting products, assemble on-site, install and commission. This onboard presence not only allows successful installation but also allows any last-minute adjustment or changes which can occur due to the sheer scale and complexity of the working environment.