Gerolamo Scorza are marine outfitters with over a century of experience in the cruise and luxury yacht sector. Although they have a rich historical experience, they are a forward-looking company. We discussed how technology and experience inform their techniques, how their values hold true in a changing market and how LEAN solutions can transform the cruise industry.

Hello! Thank you for joining us today. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, thank you for giving me this great opportunity. I work at Gerolamo Scorza S.p.A. as an Administrative and Technical Officer. I also take care of the marketing & communication initiatives.

If you could describe the Gerolamo Scorza approach in three words, what would it be?

Competence, Competitiveness and efficiency.

And tell us a little bit about how you embody those qualities.

Gerolamo Scorza S.p.A boasts a centuries-old expertise in the outfitting and refurbishing of cruise ships and luxury yachts. Even while the market trends continuously evolve, Gerolamo Scorza’s values remain the same.

While approaching any project, Gerolamo Scorza’s team carries out a feasibility and ad hoc study. The next stage is focus on planning and logistics management and on the production of architectural and engineering drawings.

When passing to construction phase, Gerolamo Scorza’s experienced team uses traditional craft processes blended with technologically advanced tools and machines. They manufacture wall panels, furniture, doors and decking, efficiently developing the project from the beginning to the end.

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How much does collaboration and preparation at the start of a project help with achieving good final results?

Collaboration and preparation are key factors to support the achievement of a good results.

We luckily have a Technical Department working in a very tight cooperation with our Workshop. Scorza maintains the same spirit of collaboration through constant discussion with shipowners and shipyards throughout every stage of the project, aiming at the delivery of a first-class service and high-quality interiors.

In 2020 COVID-19 stopped sailings worldwide. But did life -and work – go on for Gerolamo Scorza?

It cannot be denied that Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed our lives and habits. While waiting for cruise companies to start sailing again, we are focused our efforts on refurbishing projects such as the replacement of FS Doors, technical hatches, etc.

Did your existing briefs change at all since the industry was hit by COVID-19?

I guess global industry has to be re-invented somehow and the cruise sector is already experiencing the change since it has to deal with the new safety standards imposed by Covid-19 pandemic.

Design, materials and production processes will be implicitly affected by the change, as they will have to be in line with those requirements reducing the impact of the pandemic.

I am thinking about the new design of hospital areas and cabins, which will have to be newly built or converted always bearing in mind people’s safety while travelling.

Being a turnkey service, Gerolamo Scorza offer a streamlined experience. But in a post-COVID world, cruise lines are looking for lean solutions. What do you think can be done to provide efficiencies?

In my humble opinion, I believe it is a very remarkable innovation to see cruise lines looking for lean solutions. Lean solutions are more sustainable, both environmentally and in terms of costs.

If we look at refurbishment, we are all aware it often means growing issue and cost.

Reducing materials waste could be a good way to begin. Another route is improving the engineering phase with a more conscious approach in items procurement, choosing materials which can ensure long-lasting features, aimed at improving efficiency in projects through a good balance between cost and qualitative results.

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