One of the leading suppliers of coverings for ship decks, GTF Freese offer a complete range of subfloors, deck coverings, noise-reducing systems and vibration-damping structures. Read on to find out more about their high performance floors and the technology behind them.

GTF Freese will make sure that you always walk on top of the best floors, at least on vessels. Our company is a producer, supplier and installer for all kind of Marine Floorings. We have the suitable product for each of your areas.

Either one of our TEFROTEX® primary deck coverings, our TEFROLITH® insulating floors or our different TEFROKA® and TEFRO® floor design resin floors including our TEFRO®teak artificial TEAK will bring the best results for your requirements.

Our company is well known for high quality products and excellent Turn-Key installation services.

In the year 2018, we have been able to accomplish several important milestones in order to grow with the industry:

  • Newbuilding of our production and warehouse for our EP/PU synthetic products at our headquarters in Bremen, Germany
  • Establishing the companies GTF USA Inc. in Miami and GTF Finland Oy in Turku in order to have an even closer contact to our international customers
  • Updated and improved products for our TEFROKA® and TEFROTEX® product lines

Also, over the last few years, we have been able to increase our Research & Development staff from 3 to 10 employees. This guarantees us continuous development of our product line and sets a very high standard of quality.