Fil Doux are a hospitality textiles company that are never content to stand still. Always disrupting the industry, the company recently released the first-ever degradable vinyl alternative, Otratex™ dubbed ‘The Conscious Choice’. Accompanying this were three powerful protectants, Pro-Tech, an ink & denim shield, Pro-Tech Plus, a bleach cleanable, and Copper Shield, a copper-infused antimicrobial.

During 2020, a year of pause for many companies, Fil Doux took the opportunity to again innovate. They launched three new collections: Alto, Brussels, and Chalet. Each collection is available with the brand’s innovative protectants.


Fil Doux’s biodegradable vinyl alternative

Brussels joins Fil Doux’s Otratex™ series as an elegant and innovative degradable vinyl alternative that resembles linen and offers a myriad of design possibilities for designers. Crafted with the hospitality, cruise, and contract industries in mind, Otratex™ is the brand’s exclusive degradable vinyl alternative. It is completely unique to the market due to its ability to degrade once placed in an anaerobic environment such as a landfill.

Named after the ‘home of linen’, the Brussels line and its timeless appearance can easily be specified for an upholstery piece. Available in various colourways from vibrant to neutral, Brussels aims to make guests feel calm and at ease. 

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Hospitality textile Alto is the epitome of relaxed luxury

Alto combines casual elegance and soft touch. It is available in 12 colourways from bright Boysenberry to deep, smoky Quartz. Alto offers a modern spin on the famed 1970s European latch hook rug, boasting an organic, free-forming pattern. When examined closely, Alto resembles hand-woven knots and can easily add to an elevated aesthetic with its luxurious look.

Infused with a unique character, pattern, and a resemblance to the colours found throughout nature. Alto’s colour palette includes beautiful, warm spring neutrals, earthy tones, and grounded greens and blues. The product line’s palette brings to mind the changing of the seasons.


Chalet brings a lively uplift to cruise interiors design

Joining the Otratex™ product line is dual-toned Chalet. This fresh hospitality textile offers a white base with notable pops of unexpected, playful colours reminiscent of a bright Chilean spring morning. Chalet’s palette is fresh and lively. Yet it includes a touch of modernity, including uplifting hues of yellows, greens, oranges, blues, and reds.

Chalet embodies the look, touch, and quality that Fil Doux Textiles’ reputation has been built upon and that clients expect. The collection is an exemplary design solution for cruise ships, casinos, and hotel guest room features where designers want to make a bold or brand-specific design statement.