Plush, welcoming pillows, elegantly upholstered armchairs, and delicately draped curtains are just some of the soft furnishings that go into creating a contemporary cabin onboard a 21st-century cruise. Fabric, textiles, and soft furnishings are vital when it comes to building a sophisticated stateroom, a refined eatery, or a welcoming lounge area. From cushions and carpets to curtains and chairs, the right (or wrong) fabric can make or break a space, especially in a confined setting such as a cruise ship.

Not only do fabric and textile suppliers to the cruise industry have to account for style and taste, but above all else, safety and durability must be at the forefront of any designer’s mind. With millions of passengers per year and an ever-increasing emphasis on sustainability, fabric and textile suppliers must ensure their products are hardy and long-wearing, to minimize the need for replacements.

At Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Miami, we will be welcoming hundreds of suppliers to the cruise interiors industry as exhibitors, including many impressive fabric, textile, and soft furnishing suppliers. Explore more than just a name as we delve into the history and projects of these exhibitors.

Architex fabrics


Leading contract textile line and solution providers to the marine industry, Architex unite innovative design with state-of-the-art technology to create products to be inspired by. Their latest launch, the Architex Sea Cruise collection (pictured), combines high lustre yarns with rich chenille to create seven patterns suitable for nearly any application, whether that be on land or at sea. Sea Cruise features four organic geometric patterns (Annual, Calyx, Plunge, and Starboard), along with three mainstay textures (Cabin, Excursion, Port of Call), and are coloured in 11 palettes to ensure beautifully coordinated design. The highly durable patterns exceed 100,000 double rubs and are rated for upholstery, panel applications, and even for drapery.

Norwegian wool & fabrics

Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik

Established in 1887 in Lillehammer, Norway, Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik (GU) produces high-quality upholstery for use on ships. Using the latest technology and in-house expertise, GU is able to meet all design and technical specifications for the marine environment. Now, GU’s latest collection in collaboration with Anemone Wille Våge, combines Anemone’s sense of evocative and detailed interiors with GU’s uncompromising standard for design and quality. The collection consists of 12 textiles and 72 colour variations. Single-colour chenille, classic stripes, graphic designs, and wool bouclé are gathered in an inspiring collection that will stimulate the senses with a dash of drama & depth.

Hammer Carpets

Hammer Carpets

IMO carpet suppliers, Hammer Carpets, draw on their Danish heritage to create a range of attractive broadloom and tile products for the marine market. Their latest collection, Colortec Stucco, oozes exclusivity and style. Hammer Carpets has referred to the new launch collection as featuring “crafted randomness”, mimicking the feel of fabrics carved by hand.

Fabric by Kravet


Experts in their craft, Kravet is an industry leader in to-the-trade fabric and furnishings, boasting vast colour ranges, patterns, and textures. Most recently, they have introduced Silicone – Performance Faux Leather to the market. UV friendly and water-resistant, the collection has been designed with the outdoor/in concept in mind. Featuring anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and stain-resistant properties, Kravet’s new collection is as suited to the outdoors as it is inside. This faux-leather fabric collection is also environmentally friendly, so you can enjoy it completely guilt-free.

Sekers Fabrics

IMO fabric and wallcovering suppliers for more than 40 years, Sekers Fabrics has supplied its wide range of fabrics to the world’s most notable cruise lines, including Cunard Line, P&O, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and Carnival Cruises. The recently announced Korowai curtain collection, inspired by the pristine rainforests of West Papua New Guinea, reflect the gentle, quiet attributes found in rivers and raindrops. Available in a diverse palette of 25 colours, from vibrant turquoise and lime to classic neutrals and cool metallics, Korowai is sure to add excitement to any setting.