Are you looking for new ways to educate, motivate and train your team? With Cruise Ship Interiors Expo now less than seven weeks away, make sure your team is signed up to attend and prepared to be inspired! 

The 1st annual event will welcome the entire supply chain of interior designers, architects, and outfitters serving the cruise industry for invaluable community networking. Teams that attend reap tremendous benefits you just can’t achieve at the office…

1. Strengthen Company Culture and Team Unity

Attending as a team is a great way to get everyone out of their silos and share their passion, bounce ideas off each other, and gain excitement around the work and projects they are working on as a team.

2. Enables Fresh Perspectives

Thought leaders in the cruise interiors industry will be among the crowds and your team will be able to exchange ideas and advice from the brightest minds.

3. All Grounds Covered

With 250+ suppliers, unmissable conference sessions, live product demos, networking events and more, a large team will be able to cover all grounds and not miss out on any knowledge-sharing opportunities.

4. Social Support is Empowering

As a junior employee, large scale events can sometimes feel intimidating. Attending as a group provides comfort and helps empower individuals to come out of their shell.

5. Reduce Training Costs

This is a completely free-to-attend, CPD-accredited event! Sending your team might feel expensive, but in the long run, will cut costs on professional development. 

Refer your colleagues now to get them registered and gain access to all sessions, keynotes, networking, live demos, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to unite your organization in a welcoming, engaging environment!