Lasvit, the leading and influential spatial concept company based in the Czech Republic, is exhibiting at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo. This will be Lasvit’s first time exhibiting at the Miami-based show, where they will be displaying collections Cipher S, Duna, and Crystal Rock, and concepts A:Live and Fireborn – adapted for the nautical sector. Read more about the collections below.


A:Live is Lasvit’s newest concept by in-house designer Stefan Mihailovic – a kinetic glass sculpture designed for hospitality spaces, private residences, and even luxury yachts, where different aesthetic styles can be achieved by changing the glass components. This design project is a testimony to how Lasvit works with space and light, and aims to inspire designers, architects, and artists who work with Lasvit on their projects worldwide as well as anyone who experiences A:Live in a space. The space has been reimagined for nautical applications as a kinetic design perfectly suitable for any boating interior.


Fireborn is a new design concept by Jana Růžičková, member of the Lasvit Design Team. All glass is born of the four elements of fire, water, earth and air, but fire makes their fusion possible. Růžičková’s work draws on the unhinged creativity of Bohemian glassworks.

“Fireborn is an ode to the poetics of raw beauty of glass craftsmanship. We take the aesthetics of a Bohemian glassworks, with all its geometrical irregularities, its glass shards, its tumult, its hot air and heaving bodies, and transpose this unique atmosphere into some of the most elevated interiors in the world”

Jana Růžičková

The design consists of hand-stamped massive strips of high-quality optical glass, each an original. The edges are hand-sanded, dulled and then polished. The glass can be clear, or have a light smoke or light amber finish. Lasvit has created combinations where this base is on one side plated with different semi-transparent coatings. Because each component is not the same and differently oriented to the construction, the layer appears different from contrasting perspectives.

“We are very excited that Fireborn will be exhibited at Lasvit’s booth at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo. This is the first time Fireborn will be presented in the US and we believe the attendees at the Expo are the perfect first audience for this beautiful design.”

Pavel Koudelka, Partner & Managing Director at LASVIT

Cipher S

From one of Lasvit’s top lighting collections, Cipher, comes the Cipher S. Made in partnership with the renowned design firm Yabu Pushelberg, Cipher S is a juxtaposition of heritage techniques and contemporary form. Its delicate hand-blown crystal cylindrical pieces are cut with clean, clear lines.

“The surface decoration was influenced by our fascination and exploration of the way in which etched patterning catches light,” the designers explained. Light emits only from connection points and the sources are ingeniously hidden to soften the overall effect. With components arranged in series and joined by polished champagne-gold finished connections, Cipher’s overall linear form creates a poetic visual rhythm. As a system, Cipher is extremely flexible and customizable, with limitless possible configurations for private residences and bespoke installations projects.

Cipher S by Lasvit


In collaboration with the incomparable Zaha Hadid, Lasvit’s Duna collection shines bright. Duna’s design is inspired by the abstract dune formations that defy typical Cartesian geometry. The striations in the glass convey a variety of reflection and refraction patterns that change from every perspective.

Crystal Rock

Crystal Rock by Arik Levy is an ode to futurism with respect to light and reflection, nature and man, and transparency and mass. Like a shooting star frozen in time, Crystal Rock’s sculpted form sheds it’s beauty both day and night, thanks to its LED light source.

Crystal Rock by Lasvit

Meet Lasvit on booth 352 at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo by registering to attend today!

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