Marine flooring by Lonseal.

Before air travel became a common way of seeing the world, passenger ships were one of the only ways to travel vast distances. Cruise ships have transformed over the years and are now the fastest-growing sector in the travel market. In order to stay ahead in the competition, cruise ships must always be one step ahead in keeping its design up‐to‐date, including flooring installation. Now, there are more marine flooring options available than ever before.

Jorge Marquez, President of LONSEAL FLOORING, explains what makes Lonseal Marine Flooring a reliable choice for ship owners and cruise operators.

Vinyl Has Come a Long Way Since Then…

Once upon a time, the only options for boat flooring were carpet, wood, and maybe AstroTurf (if you’re into that kind of thing). There was even that slippery, kitchen‐grade
linoleum flooring that surprisingly made its way into the marine industry somehow. Over the 28 years of following the boatbuilding world, I have seen that one of the most important upgrades found in boats is the improvement of flooring options.

Lonseal® marine‐grade, sheet vinyl flooring products were created not only to meet the customers’ needs aesthetically but also to meet standards of durability. One of the reasons why most naval architects and designers choose Lonseal is due to the longevity of our product, which considerably saves owners from unwanted repairs. There are many advantages in using Lonseal marine sheet vinyl flooring. Among them are the ease of maintenance, resistance to moisture, non‐porous, virtually seamless, noise‐softening capabilities, slip‐resistance, and ease of installation. The most important feature for sheet vinyl in marine vessels is that it can withstand water and heavy use. The versatility and strong performance are reasons why Lonseal’s sheet vinyl flooring is the most sought-after material for marine applications.

Lonseal has been in the sheet vinyl flooring business for over 90 years. 46 of those were dedicated to the marine business, with the United States Navy as our first customer. Lonseal manufactures a wide variety of flooring choices ranging from smooth surfaces that mimic sealed concrete and wood visuals, to the textured variations of coin dots and diamond plate. Sheet flooring options are plentiful with over 35 styles to choose from and widths from 1.8m to 2.4m available. We provide finishes of exceptional beauty and utility which are as economical as they are exhilarating.

We like to set the market trends and are constantly working on designing new and innovative products to meet the customer’s needs. The biggest change came in the early 80s when LONPLATE — the original steel‐plate design adapted to resilient flooring — put Lonseal on the map as a creator of innovative, embossed products. Additionally, Lonseal’s technological advances bolstered the company’s reputation as it infused products with pliable properties not associated with vinyl.

Another game-changer was the introduction of our Lonmarine® line that embraces the traditional look of teak & holly (LONMARINE® WOOD pictured above). Over the years we have added several colour variations that can enhance the beauty of any stateroom or salon. The realism of our wood effect is what attracts customers to our products. When installed, many people do not often realize that it is a sheet good. Other products in our marine line‐up are the LONMARINE® STONE which offers a realistic natural stone‐look that is non‐directional and LONCOMMODORE that has a traditional diamond plate design. All three of these styles are MED/USCG certified so that larger vessels and cruise ships can utilize them as well.

I have also seen a great deal of inquiries in the industry about deck‐type flooring, which brings me to share with you our Londeck Collection. This product line can be used in interior or exterior areas anywhere onboard. The embossing in this line simulates a textured concrete (LONDECK SIERRA), a tree bark (LONDECK) or a leather grain (LONDECK SOL), at the same time providing a soft feel and incredible traction in wet areas.

One of the hidden characteristics in all of the Lonseal flooring options is the fact that all of our products are manufactured to meet the stringent specs of a commercial building. This includes a high‐level standard and durability testing that allows all of them to be installed in a demanding environment and be able to perform strongly. Rest assured that when they are installed on your vessel, our flooring will go beyond your expectations.

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