Cruise Ship Interiors Expo exhibitor Tidelli recently launched their collaborative collection with two designers of international fame. The Medellín line from César Giraldo, and the Veracruz line from Sami Hayek, forming a part of the Latina collection, speaks to the cultural roots of a people, full of affective memories and a lot of emotion. Specialized in the development of outdoor living furniture, Tidelli presents new ideas in keeping with a recent trend of putting more weight on homely surroundings – a trend caused partly by stay-at-home orders. Read more about Tidelli’s international Latina collection below, including the Medellín, Veracruz, Pucon, and Tulum lines, as well as the new Ropetex fabric…

Medellín from César Giraldo

César Giraldo with a chair from the Medellín line in the Latina Collection
César Giraldo with a chair from the Medellín line

César Giraldo’s luxurious aesthetic is a well-crafted blend of innovative ideas and timeless forms of craftsmanship cultivated throughout the years. The inspiration to create this line came from his colorful hometown and his roots.

“It’s about Colombia, about Medellín, a beautiful city where I grew up with great pride”.

In this line, the designer connects his personality to his soul, presenting the colors of Medellín to the world.

It is a great opportunity that I am doing with Tidelli, a very colorful company because color is what they do best“.

The line features transparent ‘spaghetti’ rope, a detail that can be seen on the back of the armchair and sofa. The light weave of the nautical rope means that the pieces don’t become too visually heavy for the environment, even in vibrant colors. Fashioned in a ‘handmade’ style, the line allows for endless customization. With a rounded design, Medellín is comprised of a sofa, armchair, auxiliary tables, and coffee tables, with a granite top. The shapes are a direct reference to the recent transformation experienced by the Colombian region.

Veracruz from Sami Hayek

Revisiting his background, mixing materials, and gathering multifaceted references of colors, textures, and emotions from Mexico to the precise shapes that give identity to his style, Sami Hayek presents Veracruz. In this line, aluminium, wood, and ribbon rope appear harmoniously integrated into the furniture, which has a distinctive base, developed after two years of research.

The Veracruz line in the Latina Collection
The Veracruz line

The line is made up of a modular sofa, screen, coffee table, and auxiliary tables, as well as an armchair and chair, woven in rope, as a modern reinterpretation of the Loop Chair. The Loop Chair was created by Hayek in leather and steel a few years ago, and in the Veracruz line has been given a different appearance with more of an outdoor aesthetic.

The chair, the armchair, and the sofa’s back were made with ‘spaghetti’ rope braided with thicker rope tape, from a softer and more comfortable weave, accommodating the body well. To make this possible, Tidelli developed and applied pioneering technology in the outdoor living segment to its production.

It is an innovation that we brought to the brand and that was used in the Sami line, and he loved it” says Luciano Mandelli.

Hayek points out that the design of pure lines in the Veracruz line combines with different styles of environments, from sophisticated to fun. The versatility in the décor depends on the colors.

If you use neutral or monochromatic tones, it is elegant, inviting, but not pretentious or too hard,” says the renowned designer.

Pucon from Luciano Mandelli

Designed by Luciano Mandelli, Pucon refers to the small and charming Chilean city of the same name. The mountain village features contemporary architecture in its houses and boutique hotels, as well as being one of the coolest places in South America to ski.

“Pucon was chosen because of its warmth. This is a hot line”, explains the executive.

The modulated and upholstered backrests that make up the line refer to the heat that the city exudes. Like large Lego, they are flexible, modern, and up-to-date, with rounded edges and wooden feet with a straight and clean design. The backrests are loose and slightly bent, supported by an internal aluminium structure designed to create a special, non-slip effect.

In the line there is also a 157 inch-wide table. The top and the sides are TS Formica, with an colour options of Old Pekan, Salina, White and Beige. The structure of the base and feet is made of aluminium.

“Visually robust, it can also be customized in two other measurings, such as 95 or 118in. This versatility is part of Tidelli furniture”, says Mandelli.

The Pucon Line in the Latina Collection

Tulum Line

Tulum, in Mexico, with its boho style, which mixes artisanal and indigenous work, has been a natural inspiration for Tidelli. A mecca of natural architecture, the city is full of luxurious hotels that play with rusticity, bamboo, lace, and wefts.

The Tulum Line in the Latina Collection
The Tulum Line

Signed by the brand’s founder, Tatiana Mandelli, the line is composed of light and attractive pieces. The armchair and sofa have hollow elements, resistant tubes, and wide-open wefts.

With a striking design, both have an upholstered seat, back, and sides. The cushions are not loose, since they’re sewn together, in a structured and organized way. “They are very cozy, like a nest”, highlights the creator.


Tidelli has launched an exclusive fabric, in 3D, produced with nautical rope, the Ropetex. The novelty is the result of the partnership between São Paulo designer Alice Capella and the company and comes after over a year of research.

Using exclusive Tidelli technology, Ropetex is woven to simulate handmade manual knitting and composed of polyester yarns. Its mesh bottom makes it comfortable, soft, and smooth to the touch, but very durable.

The company’s president, Luciano Mandelli, says that intense studies were carried out to create a nautical rope with very fine thread and then transform it into fabric.

“We made investments in specific machinery to weave the rope and creating a raw material that is unmatched in the market”.

Mandelli points out that this is one of the great features of the brand.

“Tidelli is recognized for innovating and we understand that it is an obligation to develop our own raw material. This makes us offer exclusivity and novelty, which creates a boundary against copies. And that’s how deep we’re going in this type of research. It is a serious and intense work of development.”

The designer Alice Capella points out that the creation can become unproductive when those who develop the product do not know the production process. To prevent this from happening, she combined her expertise with Mandelli’s to give life to Ropetex, which simulates handmade manual knitting but is made with high industrial technology.

From this union and knowledge about yarn, machine, weaving, and finishing, they came to a surprising result.

“I felt very valued for having space to share my knowledge with someone who really listened to me and understood me, who believed in my project, gave me the freedom to create and guided me from beginning to end, without leaving any details aside. It was fantastic.”

Ropetex can be applied to decorative pillows, puffs from the Soft line, and on some models of sofa backs, such as those from the Flex line. The product will be available in eight different colors: Acqua, Mustard, Chocolate, Copper, Jade, Rouge, Indigo, and Warm Gray.

Meet Tidelli on booth 171 at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America. Find out more about the insights, exhibitors and attractions at CSI here!