Successful project management and efficient, smooth delivery of the Execution Phase of a drydock (DD) are largely dependent upon intricate planning. This includes planning of workspace; the appointment of project management team and contractors; and the delivery and management of supplies.

  • Allowing ample time for the pre-DD life cycle – financials, design, planning, contractor selection, material procurement, logistics, and value engineering if required
  • Ensuring your contractor base has enough experience in key areas and are employed in the right location
  • Ensuring communication among all parties involved in the DD – ship owner, designers, technical consultants, supplier, and contractors
  • Timely decisions from ship owners to avoid unnecessary costs such as airfreight and compromise on design and finishes
  • Preventing slippage of the schedule through regular progress checks against a Milestone Schedule
  • Managing container movement from your supplier’s facility, through tracking, to onsite delivery
  • Ensuring the right shipyard selection including the infrastructure of the shipyard
  • Location of ship at time of DD and post DD is a consideration

Session Speakers

Principal Consultant, Cruise Line Newbuilding and Operations
Seawise Consulting Group
MJM Marine
Commercial Director Maintenance & Upgrade Services Cruise
Damen Cruise
Cruise Line Consultant
Royal Caribbean Cruises


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