6 -7 June 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Women’s Leadership Forum

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The working world around us is changing rapidly. It is going to take a talented and resourceful team to be able to adapt to new business culture, and to work with ever decreasing budgets in creative ways. What’s needed is mentorship and leadership, to create an environment that nurtures its future leaders. This session showcased some superstar female leaders and highlighted how they have got to where they are today.

  • Understanding what leadership means – it’s time to break the mould of what’s gone before
  • How do the challenges for females building their careers in the 2000s differ from women who started their careers in the 1990s?
  • Developing female talent in the context of geographical and generational factors within the marine industry
  • Developing talent that can adapt
  • What will it take to instigate real change?
  • The importance of team member and culture
  • Is it necessary for new female leaders to adopt a ‘tough’ persona in order to justify their place at the table?
  • How can the next wave of marine design tap into a more diverse talent pool?

Session Speakers

Anna Jenei

President, Global Marine & Hotel Interiors

Dee Cooper headshot

Dee Cooper

Senior Vice President of Design & Customer Experience, Virgin Voyages

My Nguyen

Director Interior Design & Operations, Holland America, Seabourn

Petra Ryberg headshot

Petra Ryberg

Head of Design, P&O Australia

Felicia Zwebner

CEO, Felicia Zwebner Design