Ropes Courses Inc. is an expert in providing adventure attractions to the cruise market. Its marine portfolio includes supplying attractions to three of the world’s four major cruise lines, MSC CruisesCarnival Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line. The Sky Trail® and Clip ‘n Climb® product ranges allow for multigenerational fun when cruising out at sea. Now, Ropes Courses Inc. presents Sky Rail™ and Sky Tykes®. 

With both mechanical and electronic braking options, the seamless integration of a Sky Rail™ and a Sky Trail® or Sky Tykes® aerial attraction results in delighted guests and owners alike. Not only will participants be enthralled by a smooth ride on the Sky Rail™ among an adventurous Sky Trail®, but owners will essentially possess a thrilling combination of two attractions, thus maximizing their revenue potential. Younger children are also able to join in on the fun and enjoy the Sky Rail™ on the Sky Tykes® much like older participants on a Sky Trail® as the element itself uses a friction brake and safety gate to provide an easy and safe experience for children. Parents or guardians are even able to walk alongside their children as they ride the Sky Rail™ for added comfort and support.

There are various model designs that are available to complement any business, including cruise ships or accompanying ports of call. While the base model is a straight track, there are customizable curved models too, that allow for a longer ride in a smaller amount of space and give participants of all ages a unique twist when compared to a normal ride on a similar attraction.

No unclipping or helmets are required as RCI’s patented overhead tracking system and single redundant sling line allows individuals to easily transition from one part of the attraction to the other for uninterrupted play. For an even bigger thrill, the Sky Rail™ can be designed to curve over the side of the cruise ship itself to give participants a one-of-a-kind experience they will remember for years to come.